Unlike the process of creating artwork, artistic projects for brands require a more conceptual approach to bring the client’s vision to life.
The last few years, we’ve not only produced artworks and murals but also directed a number of artistic projects for brands, companies, events—you name it. One great project that we look back on fondly was the tesa headquarters in Hamburg, Germany.

In 2019, I was asked to design the entryway of tesa’s marketing department. tesa wanted to show what the most important part of marketing is for them: customer orientation, above all. Inspired by this, my general idea for the tape installation was to depict the employees who embody tesa’s vision of a ‘powerhouse’ of creativity, innovation and invention. Their marketing campaigns get the user excited about the brand and its products.
When thinking about the spatial aspects of the design, I didn’t just stop at the walls but also integrated the ceiling and the door. tesa instantly fell in love with the storytelling aspect as well as my digital sketch, so Kerim and I travelled to Hamburg to realize the design using a material that was only appropriate for the project: tesa tape.
Many thanks to Alexandra With, the digital marketing manager of tesa Germany, for the smooth work experience.
Location Hamburg, Germany
Client tesa marketing (Alexandra With)
Year 2019

Material tesa tape


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