Our latest artwork with a touch of innovation!
The jewelry brand Dodo approached us through the agency Basa Studio with an intriguing challenge: to craft a tape artwork for their upcoming event. This event was all about shining a spotlight on the brand itself and their new collection called “Moon & Sun”.

As we worked on the concept, we were drawn to the idea of symmetry and wanted to incorporate the timeless allure of the moon and the stars into our artwork. Our vision was to create a striking yet elegant composition that would serve as the canvas for the intricate mapping to come.

In our design, we seamlessly integrated graphic hands in a graceful pose, a distinct reference to the Dodo brand. This fusion of artistry and branding aimed to captivate the event's audience.

After finishing our design, we teamed up with the talented Florian Fraust to create a mesmerizing tape art mapping installation – in just one day! Tape mapping, also known as tape art mapping or projection mapping, is a creative technique that involves using a combination of tape, projectors, and mapping software to transform surfaces or spaces into dynamic and visually stunning experiences.

The guests had the unique opportunity to touch and engage with this artwork at the event, which was held at the Weekend Club in Berlin. Using the magic of mapping, Florian combined simple lighting effects with intricate animations, breathing life into the installation. For the guest, it doubled as a picture-perfect stage and backdrop for the event. For us, it was an awesome collaboration and opportunity to try something new, blurring the line between physical and digital art.
Artists ENNICOLOR, Florian Fraust
Location BERLIN, Germany
Year 2022

MATERIAL Tape, Mapping


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