Denice and I transformed the 18montrose store into something even more special. The result speaks for itself.
This is my collaboration with Denice for the launch of the new Adidas Nite Jogger in London.

The Berlin art collective we both used to work for partnered up with 18montrose, so Denice and I were sent to make a
live tape installation in their store. It was a commissioned project for which we not only used tape as our artistic medium, but also acrylic markers. I was really pleased to see that the client liked my signature style and requested it for this collaboration.

Looking back at this project, I can see how well Denice and I worked together. She took on the challenge of creating a huge Adidas shoe using only duct tape so I could focus on filling in the gaps with my intricate houses.
ArtistS More In Color & DENICE
Location 18montrose, London, United Kingdom
Event Adidas Nite Jogger Launch
Year 2019

MATERIAL Acrylic markers, Tape

Photos by the event photographer of Adidas / 18montrose

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