All you need is some tape, some scissors, and your imagination.
In 2017 I had the opportunity to create a tape art installation at the Surfcity Festival in Barcelona, Spain. The centerpiece was a white Ford that needed to be highlighted in an artistic way. With some on-site help and preparation the day before, I managed to tape this little artwork within only a few hours.

Inspired by the theme of the festival, the design represents a clash of dynamic and static elements. An abstract wave forming at the front of the car rushes towards the back and collides with a tower-like structure. Every individual element of the artwork follows the car’s natural lines and thus serves to underline parts of its design. The idea was to emulate flowing motions that crash into static shapes, creating a balance and also contrast between the two opposing concepts of ‘Surf’ and ‘City’.
Artist ENNI
Location Barcelona, Spain
Event Surfcity Festival
Year 2017


Photos by Enni Vuong

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