The translation of the Chinese lettering is also the title of the artwork: "Without you, there would be no us."
In 2018, we had the opportunity to design our first house facade for the Kura Festival in Wittenberg. Through our former manager, we got in touch with Wbmotion, an association supporting the production and promotion of artistic expression. The association had originally picked out a smaller wall for us. However, when we both expressed the wish to paint a house facade, we were given the opportunity to grow and prove ourselves in this regard. Together we created a design for the facade in Wittenberg. Fortunately, the organizers of the festival granted us complete artistic freedom.
The overall design was significantly influenced by our multicultural background. At the center are two doves facing each other. They are the main motif of the mural. The colored background areas show different shapes and colors. They depict a cityscape from a bird's eye view. The translation of the Chinese lettering is also the title of the artwork: "Without you, there would be no us."
The Western world generally considers doves as a symbol of peace, innocence, and love. In Asia, they primarily symbolize loyalty and longevity. This is because they usually stay together with their partner for a lifetime. All these aspects are reflected in the two animals’ trustful pose. The left pigeon’s vigilant gaze indicates its protective character. It supports and protects the smaller dove. The latter nestles against its partner gently.
The two doves represent two opposites but belong together nonetheless. The mural is to be seen as a call for a peaceful, communal togetherness.
In total, we worked on the mural for six days and had a great time with other street artists who also created some beautiful murals in Wittenberg.
A big thanks to Wbmotion (especially Tina and Felipe) for your trust, this unforgettable experience, and this great opportunity. Thanks also to Mischka, who supported us on such short notice on the last day.
Location Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Germany
Event KURA
Year 2018

MATERIAL Wall Paint, Spray Paint


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