Street Art Worldwide: Huge art collaboration in Beijing, China
Thanks to the agency “Modern Sky”, we had the great opportunity to realize two massive art projects in China: one in Beijing and one in Shanghai. This wall for the Strawberry Music Festival was located far outside the urban district of Beijing.
In just a couple of days, I painted the huge chameleon that was part of this massive mural. Meanwhile, the tape boys and girls were taping the huge colorful striped surface on the left.
The most beautiful thing about this project was the mixed media art collaboration with power couple Samira and Andreas (aka Case Maclaim) and our former tape crew.
The whole mural was about 30 meters long.
ArtistS More In Color, Denice, Mischka, Rob,
Samira & Case Maclaim

Location Beijing, China
Event Strawberry Music Festival
Year 2018

MATERIAL Spray Paint, Wall Paint, Tape, Foil


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