I'm sorry for what we have done to you
Presenting our artwork at Teufelsberg, Berlin. The aim of this project was to shine a spotlight on orcas, the majestic creatures also known as killer whales, living in captivity.

Our artwork is about the issue of orcas living in captivity and the profound impact it has on their well-being. We want to highlight the sad reality: despite claims by theme parks and other facilities that hold orcas for entertainment and education, these remarkable animals often endure immense suffering in cramped enclosures. The stress of captivity can lead to self-destructive behavior. Our mission is to foster collective awareness of the harm inflicted on these intelligent beings through captivity and inspire a commitment to change.

We began by painting everything black, symbolizing the shadows that obscure the plight of captive orcas. Enni painted the protective figure of a woman. She can be perceived as either "one of us" or as a sailor integrated into the industry that captures orcas. She conveys the poignant message, "I'm sorry for what we have done to you". Kerim painted the orca and the houses in the background that symbolize the orca’s destroyed environment and soul.

We want to help people feel compassion for these animals and inspire a reevaluation of their treatment in facilities worldwide.

Location BERLIN, Germany
Year 2023

MATERIAL Spray Paint, Wall Paint


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