ThE skate park was a beautiful community project right next to the beach.
I remember that when Onno Barendregt called me up for this job, I didn’t even have to think twice before saying yes. At this point I have to mention that Onno Barendregt is an old crew mate and one of my best friends.
We were both hungry to rock this project, so I travelled to my homeland and got together with Onno in Scheveningen, The Hague, which is also his hometown. We planned on creating this crazy wave concept with hands holding the wave. Easier said than done.
To be honest, we started working under conditions that were tougher than expected. The sun literally baked us on that concrete halfpipe with no shelter. Besides that, the wind made a big amount of spray paint disappear—sorry to mother nature. We were hanging onto the top of the halfpipe with one arm and spray painting with the other hand for three seconds until inevitably slipping back down again. However, thanks to the locals of Hart Beach, we managed to eat and drink very well. These little things made the experience much better. Five days of painting sealed the deal.
Artists More In Color, Onno Barendregt
Location The Hague, Netherlands
Year 2019

MATERIAL Wall Paint, Spray Paint


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