In the beginning, the whole corridor was just blank walls. The idea was to create a water-inspired look for the space.
In 2017, me and my best friend Mr. Galle had the great opportunity to bring some art to one of the Scaling Spaces Offices H:32 in Berlin.

My main job was to create some marine creatures including dolphins, jellyfish, an octopus, a manta ray and—last but not least—a huge whale.
While I was spray painting, Mr. Galle taped some parts with his signature waves. He was cutting these wonderful curves with a special layering technique, which added a nice graphic twist to my painted animals. Together, we filled the whole corridor with these mixed media wall paintings.
Our collaboration was really smooth, and we were super happy with the final result. Cheers to our friendship and to many more art collaborations.
Artists More In Color, Mr. Galle
Location Berlin, Germany
Year 2017

MATERIAL Wall Paint, Spray Paint, Tape


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