"We stand with those who have the courage to help."
Some projects will remain in our memory more than others. Sometimes it is because of the creative process that you really enjoy. Sometimes it is a message behind a mural you really want to bring closer to the people. And sometimes the people you meet along the way will just bring you so much joy. To be honest, this one had all of them. “We stand with those who have the courage to help” If you ask us, this is maybe the most fitting title to a beautiful project like this.
Making the current refugee situation a subject of discussion is not easy. In the course of preparation for this project, we tried so many designs. After a few months of working on the sketch, we agreed on the final concept that is supposed to symbolize hope, courage and love to the audience instead of grief, anger and hate.
To simply add more character and emotion to this inherently difficult theme, we have depicted a female diver. The paper boats are caught by the female diver. She holds the life ring in her arm, which here is meant to be a symbol for civilian sea rescue. With her determined and hopeful look, she is looking up at the paper boats. We added the text to confront the viewer with our message.
Location Muenster, Germany
CLIENT Amnesty International
Year 2021

MATERIAL Wall Paint, Spray Paint

PHOTOS BY Amnesty Asylgruppe Münster

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