For this project, Kerim taped his signature houses while Enni took care of the painting.
We were invited to the ibug Festival last-minute to paint a little wall in an old building in Reichenbach (Vogtland). Back then, we were already working as a duo within our former art collective.
The concept was based on a photo that we took at the Meeting of Styles Event in Wiesbaden. When the kid saw the finished wall, he immediately sat down and took out his pencils. It reminded us of a quote by Picasso: “Every child is an artist”. We added the sentence: “Every house is a canvas” and made a little paper installation out of it.
With this piece of art we want to address the new generation and all the little artists out there. Go out and never lose your childlike curiosity and creativity.
Location Reichenbach (Vogtland), Germany
Event ibug
Year 2019

MATERIAL Wall Paint, Tape, Paper, Marker


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